Thursday, 23 April 2009

Local celebrity reads blog!

Firstly the good news:
Jay, the guy that organises our wednesday night entertainment, reads this blog. So lets all give him a big wave!

Secondly the bad news:
We got beat, again. 4 - 0 to be exact and here's why.
Our resident goalkeeper, I can't remember his name as it's been so long, again failed to show leaving us vulnerable betweeen the sticks. Mike stood up to the plate offering his golakeeping services for the first half, Paul and I started on the bench with Chris H up front Colin right wing, Alex left wing and Tom and Chris G keeping them out at the back. As usual all started off well with a clean sheet and little work to do for the keeper for the first few minutes. However a mistake from a corner gave them a striking opportunity which was perfectly slammed into the back of the net giving the keeper no chance.
Some good distribution upfield from our keeper was causing the opposition a few problems but we were our usual toothless selves once we entered the final third and scoring opportunities were minimal.
The first substitution gave us a little more attacking threat but yielded nothing in terms of opportunities and a second goal, which the keeper claimed to have been 'unsavable' but actually went between his legs, really caused our heads to drop.

We did manage a couple of strikes on goal at the start of the second half, with me hitting the crossbar and Chris H delivering a sweetly struck shot which, unfortunately, was directly at the keeper.

Tom took the goalie gloves for the start of the second half, although we are not entirely sure why as he didn't seem aware that keepers were allowed to use their hands and his riverdance style keeping led to the oppositions third goal.

By now we were all over the shop, getting very little of the ball and doing a lot of chasing and it was fatigue that led to some poor marking and the oppositions fourth goal.

Although we are used to getting beaten the style of the defeat this week was most upsetting, it was a definite backward step after what has been continual improvement up until this point. This disappointment led to an extended tactics meeting in the pub afterwards from the senior players and it was decided that we needed a bit more aggression on the pitch and a better turn out to the pub off of it. When Tom Walker enters the fray he may well provide both these things, so there is still hope for notvery.

Next week we may be throwing caution to the wind and going for a 1 2 2 formation, hey we're getting drubbed each week anyhow, may as well go for some goals. yes Tom M, that 1 is you, you're going to be a busy fella.


A big farewell and thankyou to Mike for his continued enthusiasm for Notvery and good luck to him with his Navy training. Hey Douglas Bader didn't have any legs and he did ok!

In the Naaaavvvyyyyy, you can sail the seven seas. In the Naaaavvvyyyyy...

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