Thursday, 9 April 2009

Mike is "Watered down by society"

Another week another defeat, full report to follow

A more classy penalty this week was the difference until a dodgy five minute spell either side of half time saw us off. A chance by your author to put us two up was squandered, but Mike has promised us a goal running from within five yards of the half way line next week (and has £20 riding on it)
So next week is looking promising.

Full report to follow.

From what I can remember we were looking strong, possibly even the better side for the first 10 minutes or so, with Robs defensive abilities making a big difference. With this is mind our goal was thoroughly deserved, even though it was caused by a brief lapse of cencetration by their defender who wandered aimlessly through the penalty area.

However it was again when it came to substitutions that we went a little awry, due to both a collapse in formation and the substitute defender, me, not performing his duties to the high standard set previously.

The second half started equally badly, again with defensive lacklustre causing the second goal. As the half went on we were getting back to defend after an attack less and less, due to fatigue, and Colin was often left stranded on his own waving his arms around, looking much like big bird doing an exercise video.

3 - 1 is again an improvement, and I'm sure we still didn't play to our potential. Chris H could have made it 2 - 0 to us and two of their goals were caused by defensive lapses which can be cut out. Take this into account and we actually had a 2 - 1 victory! Better is yet to come.



  1. If you hadn't of used your phone for half the sound bites i`d be much more impressed. On a serious note get ready for the goaloplypse. £20 well spent.

    Goalscorer's column of awesomeness:

    King Mike 2
    Colin 0
    Chris G 0
    Chris Half arsed 0
    Alex 0
    Paul B 0(formerly known as the penalty emperor)
    Bill 0
    Tom 0
    Luke -11


  2. Shouldn't there be a ' before king on king mike?