Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sign up for the next season of embarrassment and despair

I received this email from Jay this morning:

Hi Will

The new season will start on Wed 10 June with a 2 hour cup competition (similar to last time), with the season proper starting the week after.

If you have two teams it would be great. Ideally I want to build up to 18 teams over 2 leagues, playing each other twice. then have promotion and relegation etc - I think it will add a bit of excitement! It will also mean that the top teams and lower teams will play more teams of their level on a weekly basis, again, making it a little more enjoyable and exciting.

Thanks for your support,

Jay Rowley

This gives us a 2 week window between the end of this season and start of the next, Sir Alex of Fergusonshire probably wouldn't like that, but I sure do!

2 leagues would certainly suit us too, get a bit more of the ball now and again.

I need to start knowing pretty soon if you're in for next season so give me an email or say on here if you're in or out. Lets get those contracts signed.

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  1. I'm in we can't do any worse.... can we???

  2. PuttingitinforDaveashehasnocomputer14 May 2009 at 19:40

    I'm in.

  3. Pick me, Pick me! I'm in.

  4. I'm back and I'm in!