Thursday, 14 May 2009

Calx in medius, muppets!

New league record for goals let in in a single game. 7 - 0. Beating the previous league record, also held by us, of 6 - 0.
Great. But hey, What do you expect from a team that doesn't even realise that in the photo the goalie goes in the middle?

A few quotes tell you the story:

Random politician: "Never before on the field of Beverley Sixes have one team let in so many and scored so few"

Coach, Chris Harley: "I don't know how we kept that down to single figures"

Manager, Will Collins: "I didn't even have time to take my trousers off"

Alex Howland, ballet expert: "Me, up front? You having a laugh?"

Paul Burrow, free kick master: "I just thought I'd try to injure one of them"

Hannah Fraser, our fan: "5 nil? Really? I only saw one"

Dave (after the game): "Watch out for that guy (points at opposition player) he's very, very good"


  1. Hopefully season 2 will work out much better for us.. especially if theres 2 leagues.. we can play in league 3.. >_>

  2. We might get put into the top league, we did beat the black sox..