Wednesday, 24 June 2009


What can you say about a 12-1 defeat??

I turned up a couple of minutes before kick off to assume my role as team photojournalist but was counting team members as i walked towards the pitch, i was only counting to five.

Therefore i had to put the team before personal pain and don Rob's trackky bottoms and a Hull shirt which just felt wrong (maybe it was just that i'm not as svelte as i once was and the shirt left little to the imagination).

Reservoir Trogs were the oppo, a full team of stupidly fit army boys with their own minibus and manager with clipboard. It didn't look good.

I assumed the role of centre half as i wasn't gonna be running anywhere fast. Colin sat alongside me, Dave and Chris G were in midfield, Rob led the line and Luke took hold of the gloves.

We started fairly poorly, didn't get a lot better, i got even more injured contesting a header, lost what mobility i did have and the goals began to flow.

And flow and flow and flow.

These boys were good, and pretty much everything they hit found the corner of our net. We are claiming the best goal of the match, a sweeping move with most of the team playing their part before Rob converted to join Dave and Huggins as top scorer. Scant consolation, but we had to take any positives we could.

It is Deportivo next week, and we are in need of a perfomance and some commitment from team members to boost our ailing morale. Tom, Rob where were you?? Paul (working) and Will (Glasto) are excused this time.

If all that fails we at least need to make sure we have a bit of a sesh in the pub after to drown our sorrows.


  1. I was working too (sort of) but I do have to tell you I picked up a whiplashed neck in a backward running race and what is increasingly looking like two broken toes in a backwards jumping competition. Lets say I'm a doubt for next week

  2. Yeah unfortunately this week is too soon for my toes to handle :( I want to play but it just isn't worth the risk, they are still bruised and swollen