Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hey guys, I'm back...

How did you get on without me?

Results Wed 24 June:

Angel o v 5 Shangi
AJ's 0 v 3 Waterside
Weighton 1 v 0 Black Sox
Reservoir Trogs 12 v 1 Not Very Athletic
Deportivo 1 v 1 Mill Lane
BarceHullona 0 v 0 Beaver

Fixtures Wed 1 July:

Not Very Athletic v Deportivo 7pm
Black Sox v Reservoir Trogs 7 pm
Shangi v AJ's 7pm
Beaver v Angel 7:30pm
Waterside v Weighton 7:30pm
BarceHullona v Mill Lane 7:30pm

Lets see how the black sox fare against the trogs.

League table:

Web Marketplace Solutions Football Club (WMpS FC)

Top scorers:

That Trogs guy is going to be tough to catch...

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