Friday, 3 July 2009

Deportivo 4 - Notvery 0

Right, we lost 4 - 0, again. For match report simply read virtually any of the match reports I've written on here.

We can be better than this I'm sure and I think fitness is the key as well as a bit of confidence on the ball from us weaker players. If we want to put up any kind of fight in this league we need some training. I personally would be more than willing to give up my monday night to do such a thing and plan to make some effort either way. I think the training would need to include fitness work and a bit of basic ball control and passing, nothing clever just the basic stuff and I'm hoping Rob K will be able to help with some basic training techniques, if not with anger management. We don't need to get much better to start winning, especially against teams in the lower end of the league, so how about we give it a go?

I know I say this kind of thing a lot on here, but if enough people are interested in training on monday night I'll get it organised. But I need to know if people are going to be dedicated to showing every week, otherwise I end up looking like a plank.

Would be at molescroft park to start with, however, if we get enough regulars and when the kids break up from school we would probably be able to get longcroft.

If people aren't interested we can just carry on getting beat every week, you've paid your money so it's up to you how you want to spend your 24 minutes on a wednesday.


New money making Scheme:

Reckon we should sell a few thousand.

Yellow boot:

Getting close at the top now:

Woodwork league table:

Clearer leader on this one

Right, now for Chris Harley's excellent photography

Luke keeps them out:


  1. It'll all come together when i'm back from injury.

  2. Will that be for the last game of the season?

    Monday nights are fine with me.. always have been

  3. King Mike(sort of)7 July 2009 at 18:18

    I`m still top of the scoring league but don't fancy my chances of keeping it for too much longer. However with a 1 out of 3 games/goal scoring record I hope I can get a chance to play for not very when I get time off in the summer. Military fitness is next level shit.

  4. I'm back tonight, the toes are still a little swollen but I think they will be alright

  5. I went swimming! Now my eyes hurt. So that should help.