Thursday, 25 March 2010

The dream is still on...

This was a must win game and we won it! A goal stolen from the Russian leagues and perfected on our training ground from Mr Brinham (diagram below) secured us the win we required to, depending on the Angel result, pinch the much sought after fourth (from bottom) spot if we beat Angel next week. This would be quite an achievement for us and worthy of a pint down the pub afterwards if we pull it off, or a pint down the pub afterwards to commiserate if we don't.

Also worth noting two assists in two games for our keeper, W Collins. Remember the name, it'll be worth sticking him in your fantasy football team.

Finally, I think I speak for the whole team when I say that we hope Tom's significant other feels better soon, moving in with him must be heartbreaking indeed.

Anatomy of the perfect goal:

This just in, Angel drew. Oh no! Now we gotta draw with the Trogs. See below...

Results Wed 24 March:
Real Soldierdad 4 v 0 Black Sox
Borrusia Teeth 0 v 1 Not Very Athletic
BarceHullona 1 v 1 Waterside
AJ's 1 v 0 Deportivo
Weighton 1 v 3 Reservoir Trogs
Angel 1 v 1 ONE10

Fixtures Wed 31 March:
Waterside v Real Soldierdad7pm
Deportivo v Weighton 7pm
ONE10 v AJ's 7pm
Not Very Athletic v Angel 7:30pm
Borrusia Teeth v Black Sox 7:30pm
BarceHullona v Reservoir Trogs 7:30pm


Top scorers:

And so it comes down to the last week...

Top of the table Waterside took on BarceHullona in a must win game for both sides. Barce took an early lead with a route one goal through Dave 'Barlow' Barley, but were left hanging on just before the break when Danny Moore wriggled free from 2 players on to see his shot smash back off the post and out for a goal kick. Within 20 seconds of the re-start Dan found space on the edge of the Barce box and this time made no mistake, smashing home his 20th of the season. The game then turned to chaos when Stew Scott was given 2 mins in the sin bin for petulance. Minutes after Barce defender Chris Wilson picked up the ball inside his own area after mistaking the refs whistle on the next pitch for that off referee Uzzell. The ref had no choice but to award Waterside a penalty. with only a dozen seconds left on the clock to boot. Unfortunately the usually deadly Dan Moore smacked his pen against the keepers legs, and the clock counted down to an entertaining draw.

Not Very Athletic took the advantage in their match against Borrusia Teeth by a single goal, taking them within 3 points of 1 place above them Angel (who had to play later in the night). Borussia were without the services of big man angus after his cockled ankle last week and must now focus all of their attention on next weeks game against the Black Sox if they are to achieve their only victory of the season.

Real Soldierdad must have been bemussed when the turned up to see a full squad of 10 Black Sox players waiting for them. This was the biggest squad display of the season and was highly impressive (off the pitch anyhew!). Back on the pitch it was all one way traffic. Rose, Marston and Haylock 2 gave Soldierdad a 4-0 victory. Soldierdad have a early week clash against the Trogs before entartaining Waterside in what could be a championship decider.

Angel came away with a great point against ONE10 which should see them seal 9th place in the league (unless NVA can beat them and the Trogs in the final week). ONE10 had a load of the ball but couldn't find more than a single goal and are now well out of the picture at the top end.

AJ's v Depo saw the first red card of the season when Chris 'Weasel' Williamson was dismissed for foul and abusive language towards referee Jack Grieve. This however didn't cost the AJ's who managed to hold on to their single goal advantage to take three points. Deportivo continue to frustrate by not reaching their full potential. Their final game of the season is against Weighton who are still in the hunt for the championship. It will be interesting to see if the quality Depo turn up and take the points as they did against Waterside.

In the final game a rejuvenated Trogs took on Weighton in a game that has really shaped the table. Weighton needed to take advantage of Waterside's slip up earlier in the night, but a fine early goal from diego seemed to throw the boys, and the Trogs took full adavantage. It wasn't until the final few minutes that Weighton got into their groove, but by this time they were already 3-0 down. I personally put the loss down to the pitchside influence of Sammi 'voodoo man' Tarhuni who's mind control seemed to put WEIGHTON off their game. The fact that WEIGHTON scored within a minute of Sammi leaving only strengthens my theory!

Weighton are now 4 pts behind Waterside but with a game in hand. It is essential that they take two wins from the final 2 games to win the league, and they must also hope that Waterside drop points against Soldierdad. Next week should be really interesting!

And finally, today's Moral in Graph form:

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  1. had that one in the locker all along, was just waiting for the big occasion! u wanna see wot rabbit im gonna pull out the hat next week, it involves witchcraft...

  2. I actually think that is three assists from the last 4 goals for our keepers, Al got an assist on his debut too. Maybe route one is the answer after all.

    Goals v Angel are my speciality so next week watch out ... i got my sighter in this week, next week it goes top corner. (or at least dribbles in over a flailing keeper.)

  3. Dribbles in to the top corner over a flailing keeper, that I'd like to see.