Tuesday, 30 March 2010

One final push

This could be not only the biggest game in our history but also the biggest game in the history of the Beverley Soccer Sixes league!

Listen up team. As can be seen from the writeup below it is possible our rearranged game, against the mighty Trogs, could not only be our decider for overtaking Angel but also a decider for the league winners! It is a rearranged game so may well be played last, with literally some people watching to see the outcome of the league.

We have to show them what we can do, give them something to cheer:

Since the very beginning we've not even been classed as the underdogs, we've been the unnoticed making up the numbers for the glory of others. And we have looked on with jealousy.

Yet We have soldiered on; through the vitriol, through the pity and worst of all through the obscurity and we have worn the yellow.

We have fought against the odds, forever defending, and we have worn the yellow.

We have taken defeat, we have taken ridcule, and we have worn the yellow.

We have laughed with them, as they laugh at us, and we have worn the yellow.

We have taken the worst referees, week after week, because our games 'don't matter'and we have worn the yellow!

Well next week all this can change; 2 games to shape our future. 2 games to make our mark on this league. 2 games to turn this all around. Do what we need to do and we can, finally, stroll into the bright lights instead of skirting around them. Our shirts will reflect the light back at those scorners and unbelievers, blinding them with our reflected glory, shining brighter than the sun. Heads held high, we will proudly stroll on.

And we will wear the yellow.

Results Mon 29 Mar:
Real Soldierdad 0 v 0 Reservoir Trogs

Stadio Leconfield Campo was the venue for this re-arranged match between the Army's top two teams in the Soccer Sixes league. The pitch was perfect, the light rain provided a quick surface ideal for both teams who like to pass and the ref was there focused and ready, but unfortunately the game was pretty uneventful. Both teams had a couple of half chances, but neither team took the match in their grasp and the game eventually finished 0-0.

the results leaves both teams neading other to lose as well as having to win their own matches. Realistically Trogs have the best opportunity, but will require Waterside and Weighton to lose their final / final 2 matches respectively. Trogs have 2 games against AJ's and NVA remaining and are confident of winning both. Coupled with the strongest goal difference in the league, the Trogs dream is still alive!

With that being said, the league is really Watersides to give away. The boys only require a draw in their final game which, as fate would have it, is against Real Soldierdad!

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  1. Rob Gibbeson, if you are reading this, this message is addressed to you.

    Your (occasional) team needs you.

    We might even let you play up front. (If you promise to score).

  2. Once more unto the pitch, dear friend....