Tuesday, 15 February 2011

For this week's writeup a picture speaks a thousand words...

...or, in this case, probably about 250.

(Writeup inspired by a Brinham Facebook update. All rights reserved.)

NVA 0 v 0 Meercats
Athletico 2 v 0 Mauled FC
Angel 0 v 1 ONE10

Fixtures Wed 16 Feb:

Meercats v 110 - 7:30pm
NVA v Athletico - 7:30pm
Mauled FC v Angel 7:30pm

Tight at the top...

Jay's writeup: NVA v Meercats

Meerkats came out strong dominating the game but not really creating much as NVA defended brillantly. NVA didnt manage to keep the ball and didnt create too much. The best chance fell to NVA star Gadie who missed a one on one just outside the box. It ended 0-0!


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