Thursday, 3 February 2011

Playing our way down Quality Street

Mr Stark received his NVA bobble hat as we introduced him to the supporters, up until now he has been a loan player but was signed fully in this window and proved himself to be another excellent transfer by the manager with a brace of goals.

After last week's poor result the decision to start with our first on the team sheet, first choice defender, on the bench would seem like a silly idea and for the first few minutes this appeared to be the case as we took a while to get organised, or indeed, to get the ball. Mauled had the better of the play at first and looked the more threatening going forward, however as NVA started to get into their stride the balance of power began to shift with the ball spending more time in the Mauled half. As half time loomed the score was still 0 - 0 until Rob chased and scored what looked very much like a lost cause, his success would have cost me my house if I had one and Chris had taken my bet.

The NVA work rate continued to be high into the second half, with 'man of the match' Ben Hebblethrwarrtte bossing the midfield, and it seemed that only the weather was going to keep the scoring down with the ball running away from us across the wet ground being pushed by a strong wind. Eventually though the continued NVA pressure resulted in two more goals, both for Mr Stark, giving a 3 - 0 victory it could have been more but Mr Stark didn't want to show off on his debut selflessly spurning not one but two glorious chances for his hat trick.

As always we gave the opportunity for Al to make some good saves, as we like to do, and he did so well. His kicking was a little 'off centre' but he was not aided by the strong wind whipping around the stadium.

With the Black Sox managing to get a point against 110 (Yes, you guessed it, 0 - 0) this win puts us back up into second place, the triple is still on!

To top off a successful night we also managed to pull off third place, and another box of Quality Street, at the Cornerhouse quiz. It was a tough one this week; we were a weakened side of only four players and as Miss Burnitt herself pointed out she's 'only a girl', but my superior knowledge of dolphin sex pulled us through.

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  1. Love the picture! Gotta make it a hat-trick of quality street next week surely??? or do we try and play for the jackpot of £100.
    Also, do we just go as 4 again so less people to share with should we manage to win the money??

  2. Not sure i will be allowed out! Why do Starky and Hannah get such formal treatment on here, Miss Burnitt and Mr Stark...

  3. I was wondering that myself Chris, just seems to happen that way. I just close my eyes and type, the genius pours itself onto the page.