Thursday, 26 May 2011

For the fallen

If we stayed very quiet we could hear them. The rumble of studs on the ground and the rattle of the fence as the ball struck it again and again. But we were not worried, we were not flustered, we were strong. We knew what we had to do. HAD to do. In the absence of fallen comrades (ok some probably fallen in the pub somewhere through excessive alcohol consumption, but fallen none the less), and for the protection of all things holy the Yellow Brick Wall must stand.

As we approached the field, our mere six against their multitude, there was virtually silence. Each man running through his internal mantra to prepare for the match:

Chris - Just like the good old days, just like the good old days, just like the good old days

Al - 'Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Shoot!

Ben - Maybe we should move the frozen peas nearer the doorway?

Me - Run about enough and they won't notice you're not actually doing much of any use

Simon - who are these people?

Dave G - In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight

Then the whistle broke the silence.

They attacked, We defended. They attacked, we defended. They attacked, we defended. Wave after wave bult up slowly before crashing on the wall, only to be dissipated with disdain. It became obvious that although they had much of the possession we could happily carry on like this for months without conceding. But they had no plan B, and indeed no one that could shoot straight and so it went on.

It also became obvious that they were only leaving one defender with Dave G at the back. Each of Al's high long balls was dealt with uncomfortably by their lone defender and it wouldn't be long before he made a mistake. Early in the second half this happened. The defender missed his header Dave ran through and slotted home. They had been attacking for over 20 minutes, with no real chances created. We had attacked once and scored. This did not make the army very happy, much to our enjoyment.

Unfortunately, around 2 minutes from the end, their defender wandered up to our end received a pass and leathered the ball at around Mack 6 into the back of our net. Al could do nothing, it was lucky for us they hadn't thought of doing that a little earlier.

At the final whistle it was strange emotions for us; we'd have bitten your hand off for a point at the start, but having been ahead it almost felt like two points lost as opposed to one gained. Generally though, we were pleased. Not only with the result but with how we had played; Excellent tactics, communication and organisation. Not things you've always been able to associate with the NVA.

In other news.

Can I refer you to Jay's shiny new Beverley Soccer Sixes Facebook group for all things tables, fixtures and, if you're lucky, a Sanders match report of the Black Sox latest 0 - 0 draw explaining how it was somehow different from the previous twenty odd 0 - 0 draws.

Beverley Soccer Sixes

I would also like to refer you to my other blog, Green around the gills basically, in the words of Billy Piper, 'because I want to'. It's funnier than toothache, guaranteed.

Farewell. We Wear the Yellow.


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