Thursday, 2 June 2011

Must do better

Our side was awesome this week. Rob was back, Suarez had joined the ranks and we had two subs. Nothing could go wrong surely, this had to be our first three points. On the other hand Angel were flying high with two victories under their belt already, this was unlikely to be an easy contest. Although there was other important point; Our midfield talisman, engine of the team and inspriation to all who play with him, me, was unavailable due to being a bit ill. Could the NVA pull together without him?

At first it seemed not. We were extremely disorganised, with new players/players that had been out for some time having trouble geling, also our manager has very little idea what he's doing and had also positioned himself on the other side of the pitch from the subs; making the making of changes impossible. Also, disappointingly the team did not help him in that regard and voluntary substitutions were not forthcoming. Naughty NVA.

Neither team looked overly likely to score, the game was pretty much end to end but mainly through long balls not any intricate midfield passing and so both defences were able to cut out any attacks.

Half time came, we had a team talk about what was going wrong and then continued exactly as we had first half, considering the striking power we had on pitch the lack of incision was amazing.

Around half way through the second half three of our players decided to, instead of playing football, show the crowd a syncronised ballet move. All three players approached a loose ball looking to clear it before simultaneously spinning gracefully past the ball. Alex, of previous Notvery years, would have been proud. Unfortunately this allowing two Angel players through on goal, leaving Al with no chance and making the score 1 - nil.

This seemed to finally jolt us into a bit of urgency and we started to make some more chances, around five minutes from the end we got our reward; Ben hit a long pass out of defence straight down the middle and Mike (Suarez) leathered it passed the keeper from the edge of the D. Not dreamy football but effective. Up till the final whistle we seemed more likely to score but when it blew at 1 - 1 most people would have agreed that to be a fair result.

We should have been better, and hopefully we will be as the team gels. Two subs has never really worked for us, causing too much confusion and along with then new/returning players we just couldn't get organised. Nine points off the pace means that we need wins all the way now to make anything of this season. If nothing else we've got the Jeff cup to keep hold of.

Each week that I bother to do a writeup Chris and I shall attempt to pick our player of the match. This week was a pretty close call so congratulations to Ben for being slighty better than the rest of us.

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