Thursday, 9 June 2011

Captain fantastic

You know what? We won! And, you know what, I scored! Yup me, scored, on a Wednesday. Only six seasons in and I get my first competitive goal. I've got as many as the NVA legend Chris Garner now, the pressure will be on for more, the fans will be baying for it. Shame they're likely to be disappointed.

Only seven of us approached the field tonight, meaning only the single sub. To be honest this was deliberate; any more than that and the whole subbing thing goes tits up. Simon started on the bench as he can run all night wheras I for one sure need a breather in the middle.

The description of the game can be basically simplified to this; Fergie kicked off and spent the next 24 minutes whenever they didn't have the ball asking for fouls. I'm pretty sure that if I had gone up to one of them, politely tapped them on the shoulder and asked for the ball they would have shouted for a foul. Ok, there was some football involved too, they probably had the better of the possession but we probably had the better of the chances. Al certainly had the better of the swearing.

The main difference between the teams was the glorious goal we scored. Mr Gadie slotted the ball through to me and I deftly punted it far to far ahead of me, ran after it realising I was considerably slower than I thought I was, and just about managed to scuff it towards the goal. I don't really know what happened after that as I fell over in a heap, all I know is that the ball had somehow made its way into the back of the net. The NVA celebrations were pretty toned down, suggesting to me that it wasn't the greatest of goals, but a goal's a goal. Especially if you've not got one before. This goal was important for another reason too; tactics. Basically it appears that if I have a shot just as Brinham has subbed himself off, it'll go in. Three times this has happened, it can't be coincidence.
So, ball in the back of the net, three points in the bag, discovery of the ultimate tactic and my ankle on ice. Not a bad result for a wednesday. Think I'll have a cider.

As to the man of the match award: ‘Go on, you can have it,’ said Chris. I didn’t argue.

oh, and a little quiz for ya. who's names have I removed from the shirts in the middle and on the left of the pic at the top of this blog?

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  1. One in background Bobby Pires, is 22 Guiseppi Rossi?

  2. Good guesses, possibly right. Anyone else having a guess?