Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Internal Fantasy Football Update

Good news is we won, again! bad news is so did the Black Sox 2 - 1. I do believe that means we have to win both our final games and they have to lose both theirs. With a goal difference to us of around 7 goals. So, all is not quite lost but very nearly. We could have done some good towards that goal difference tonight mind you. Anyhow, Here is the latest NVA players internal Fantasy League, far more important than some cup.

Fantasy Player league
player points
Dave G 21
Rich A 17
Andy B 13
Will C 13
Al W 11
Chris H 10
Al S 9
Dave B 7
Paul B 2

I think next year there needs to be some credit for defenders, if they defend all game or something. Seems a bit harsh on Mr Harley, and indeed busted Brinham, otherwise.

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1 comment:

  1. 21 points? fantastic to say i missed half the season!

    Rob Who??? lol