Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Yellow brick wall broken...

The club was reeling last night with the news that club stalwart Dave Brinham has broken a bone in his foot and will be in plaster for between 4 and 6 weeks. Hot on the heels of Alan's shock withdrawal last week the club is in a state of shock.

Brinham was playing in a unauthorised four-a-side friendly behind closed doors when the injury occurred and now looks to have played his last game of 2011.

Quizzed this morning Dave was reported to be "Gutted" but had been seen to be in good spirits while flirting with a nurse.

Asked whether his injury would put in jeopardy a planned booze-addled trip to Brighton this weekend Dave was quoted as saying "No, still going".

NVA Sunday ref 'Tom' was said to be looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet on a sunday night.

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