Thursday, 26 March 2009

Not quite such a drubbing

This week we had 8 players from our ten man squad, including a goalkeeper, easily our best turn out to date. Our only no show was Alex's kit which he forgot to bring, meaning we had to swap shirts during substitutions. With Paul and Colin valiantly starting on the bench we started off well, again holding the opposition at bay for the first ten minutes, although our level of attacking threat was minimal. Luke also showed the benefit of a proper keeper with some excellent work between the sticks, which he maintained throughout the game.

However we again let in a reasonably slack goal around ten minutes in, just after our first substitution, which suggests that we need to better organise our formation when swapping players. Either that or I, who was first to be substituted, am a considerably better player than Paul who came on.

Going in at half time only a goal down was a positive position for us and we were well up for it at the start of the second half, unfortunately I immediately got sent to the sidelines as I had forgotten to put on my shinpads, after pestering everybody else all week about remembering them. I believe it was this blatant lack of professionalism, and not a serious lack of fitness, that caused us let in two more goals shortly afterwards.

Even at three nil down our heads did not fall, and some attacking restarts from the centres gave us a couple of good opportunities to get the goal we so craved, but it was not to be. The half finished with A fourth goal for the opposition, taking advantage of our complete abandonment of any kind of defence. A four nil defeat, but a good performance all round.

Our after game tactics chat in the pub was reasonably upbeat; Luke had shown the advantage of a real goalie, there were some excellent tackles headed up by Paul and a good workrate by all still showed promise. On top of that we had lost by three less goals than the week before. We are improving every week and if it continues we must score eventually.

Next week will be a big test for the team as our most important player and fearless captain is on holiday in Amsterdam, passing over the armband to the more than capable Chris H. On a good note Mr R Gibbesson is back in town and available for next week's game. which will be a big improvement for our defence.

Good luck out there next week lads I'll be thinking of you, although mainly because you'll be watching England in the pub afterwards and I won't be.

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  1. I have a new tactic that I think we should all consider for our next game. It involves the enemy's goal and the football, in a nutshell we put the ball in the goal. Anyone else think it is a good idea?

    Great blog expertly written as ever billster (putting a positive spin on our woes!)

  2. They have a goal at their end aswell? Interesting!