Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Managers big pre-match speech.

I have been thinking and I reckon what we have been lacking is a big speech before we kick off to spur us to victory. However I'm not the talking in front of people type, so I've written one for you all to digest and read through in your head just before we kick off! Should do the trick:

"Make haste to arena flat and green,
to make recompence for achievement far overdue,
the foot of the table weeps at our immovable presence,
and the top crys at our absence.

the target of our toil is not so heavily guarded,
yet the net of our salvation remains our goal and our tyranny?
do not fear it, embrace it and fire,
cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war"

P.S. boozin' tonight (see below) who's in?

Web Marketplace Solutions Football Club (WMpS FC)


  1. That doesn't look like the gaffer in the pic!

  2. Yargh victory or death!

  3. haha, looks Excellent now.

    Is that the team kit? :D